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Pro's Choice Products:

Pro's Choice is the main division for Chemical Technologies International and manufactures the professional grade products .

In 1978 Mr. Townsend established PSS (Professional Services of Sacramento).  PSS is a Carpet Cleaning contracting company.  At that time there were no satisfactory methods for removing food dye stains from carpet without damaging the carpet dyes.  There was no satisfactory method of removing Pet Odors that would guarantee permanent removal of the odors.


Mr. Townsend began and conducted the research and development of the products to solve these industry problems.


His first product released was Red Relief.  Red Relief incorporated new novel chemistry for which a patent was issued.  This product revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry by giving carpet cleaners a method to remove food dye stains without damage to the original carpet color.


Because of its ability to remove stains that competitors could not, Mr. Townsend’s company rapidly grew to the largest cleaning contractor in Northern California.


Eventually Mr. Townsend sold the carpet cleaning end of the company and continued with the production of high quality cleaning  products and has over 180 Distributors throughout the US and Internationally.

CTI Clean:

CTI Clean is the retail market division of Chemical Technologies International. Chemical Technologies has provided the professional cleaning industry with specialty products for over 25 years. Leading the way in stain and odor removal, our trademark brands “Pro’s Choice” and “Envirex” are well known by professionals nationwide.


CTI Clean brings you a line of high performance cleaners that restore the sparkle to your glass and hard surfaces. Our cleaners, polishers and protectors will successfully handle the various types of cleaning challenges for the home, auto, boat and office.


Our powerful line of products include Bruce’s GSR water spot remover,  Wipe Down  polish and protect, EZ Clean multi surface scrub,  Glass Cleaner Pro ionic glass cleaner, Squeeg-ezy sparkling glass mask


Words are cheap and hype is everywhere so experience for yourself the superiority of CTI Clean products. Make It Sparkle.


Pro's Choice Supply:

No Pro's Choice Distributor in your area?  No problem.  Just log onto and you'll have instant access to the entire Pro's Choice Catalog.  Stain Removers, Odor Control, Stone Tile and Grout and much much more.  We'll process your order as quickly as possible and have the products dropped right on your doorstep.  Then we'll give your nearest Pro's Choice Distributor credit for the sale.  Don't forget to check out the daily deals.

Pro Supply Outlet:

Pro Supply Outlet is the place to get great deals on materials you need for your craft making experiences. All of our materials are high quality, hand crafted for perfection and  our customer service is designed to provide 100% satisfaction or your money back